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    Shenyang Zhaotong Precision Shaped Tubes Co.,Ltd. is a professional CNG cylinder tube and large-diameter special-shaped seamless steel tube manufacturer. The company has introduced the latest 400T cold-drawing unit, ultrasonic detecting machine and annealing furnace, and all these equipments are specially developed for the manufacturing of cold-drawing cylinder tube and special-shaped tube. Under the guidance of experts in cylinder manufacturing, we provide substantial steel tubes as raw materials for those who need large diameter cold-drawing steel tubes, such as CNG cylinder manufacturer, special equipment manufacturer and architecture industry.
  We integrated the international leading technology of plane strain drawing and the technical requirements for CNG cylinder, applied the unique on-line dynamic cylinder tube wall-thickness controlling technology, and altogether to guarantee the quality of CNG cylinder tube meet the customer’s requirements.
  Our company could fully realize the advantages of 3-news, that is new-tech, new-system and new teamwork for we have advanced management system, scientific operation concept, and a first rank team for research and manufacture. We devote ourselves to provide high-tech and high quality products and all-round timely service for the domestic CNG cylinder industry.

 Meanwhile, we are developing the international market and introducing the foreign advanced technology. Our aim is to be a professional CNG cylinder tube enterprise and motivate China’s green energy industry. We always put the quality as our highest priority and set the development goal of promoting the safe application of CNG cylinder by prospering Shenyang Zhaotong steel tube.
 We are also specialized in manufacturing all kings of special-shaped steel tubes within diameter of 500mm.
 The company implements ISO9001:2000 International Quality System and set it as the quality prototype for every piece of steel tube.
 For detailed information on negotiation please contact us by telephone and mail.

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